Dollar Tree, Brutus Monroe & AliExpress Haul–Watch Me Break Something

Here are the things I’ve gotten in my latest haul:

Brutus Monroe:
Embossing Ink
Raven Ink:
Icicle embossing powder (clear)
Alabaster embossing powder (white):
Dreamcatcher kit products, that are still available:
Catching Dreams Stamp set (from kit)
Monthly stamp kit:

Stamp Positioner…I don’t recommend this product, as the hinges broke when I used it the first time.  I don’t think I was too rough with it, but have already been refunded for the broken hinges..I do like Aliexpress for their customer service..
Brushes for blending

Dollar Tree
4 x 6″ index cards
Hand Sanitizer 3 pack:
I couldn’t find the link for the apple pomegranate gift set, sorry
Mini Lights –
White acrylic paint:
Headbands–couldn’t find the link
Clip board:
Snap closure pockets: These are the ones I should have bought but didn’t find them..

Dollar General
Paper clips:

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