I don’t know if I’ve talked about this yet or not…..but I found one of the kits I was sent before Christmas, and had to figure out a way to turn it into something usable now…So I decided to show you how to use Christmas kits but make the embellishments look like they can be used for everyday cards, and made three cards that are all completely different from each other.  I really think you’ll like how they turned out.

Then today, my girlfriend and I went to the Dollar Tree to find things for the Valentine wreath (frame) that goes on her mother’s door at the nursing home she’s in.  I want to get it done so she has it up longer for St. Patrick’s Day and so we bought not only things for St. Patrick’s, but also Easter items.  I wasn’t really overly thrilled with their selection, and wish I could go to one of the big stores to shop for things, but it is what it is.  Our store has one row of holiday items for each holiday, and that’s it. Maybe if I had searched the store, I would have found more things on end caps, but we didn’t want to spend all day there.

This week and next week I volunteer to interview graduating seniors at the college Rich and I attended, so I will probably not be writing very much here.  I know I’ve been pretty lax lately, but sometimes I can’t think of anything interesting to talk about.  I’ve been reading books by a new author (to me) named Alex Kava..If you like suspense books, ones with FBI and a rescue dog operation, you might like his books.  I’ve read two or three of them and they keep me on edge, because he always leads you to believe that his rescue dogs are hurt, and then miraculously, they’re not.  The book I read today was full of peril for his dogs, and I cried at least twice…Maybe I shouldn’t read them now that I think of it….Maybe I’m more of a Nancy Drew kind of girl…although I never read her books as a kid, and was addicted to the Box Car Children and the Little House on the Prairie books…I might be sharing too much or showing my age…either way, those are old books, and the books were long before Michael Landon was Pa.  (Another reference to Little House on the Prairie for those of you who didn’t see the television show.)

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