I spent part of yesterday giving a seminar on interviewing, then Rich and I met friends for lunch and a movie.  I went to see “Green Book,” and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  You might think it’s about race relations in the 1950-60’s, but it’s really a story about how two men from completely different backgrounds and ethnicities, bond and become close friends.  I loved it and hope it wins the Oscar for best picture of the year.

We stopped at a craft store that is supposed to be sold to Michaels, and were supposed to be having great sales, but we were disappointed in their bargains…I did find a fun project that I’m going to re-create so everyone can make one.  It’s a journal where you stitch something on the cover.  The one I bought was in a dollar bin, but I did find some online, although much more expensive than the one I bought.  I figured I could recreate it with a note book I bought at Target in their dollar spot…and then poke holes where I need to make my stitches.. I’m really looking forward to playing with the idea..

Today I worked on videos…I remade the Valentine’s wreath/frame into a St Patricks Day wreath/frame.  I need to make sure I had that done quickly, as the lady whose door it will hang on, is not feeling well, and I’d be sad if she didn’t get a chance to see it.  After all, she is 96.

I also gave Rich notes on two more videos and he’s been working hard on the art journal video all day…

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