The photos I took of the woodpecker are amazing, but I took over one hundred (couldn’t stop holding down that shutter) and so Rich has to find the best ones so I can share them with all of you.  I am so proud that the photos (some) are perfectly focused and the bird is the center of the frame….it wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I got at least a few.

Rich’s brother’s heart surgery went well and he should go home tomorrow.  He wanted to go home today, but still had drainage tubes in, so won’t be able to go until then.

We went to Pittsburgh today for my doctor’s appointment…Nothing new, I still have arthritis…I go there every three months, and the best part, OK, there’s two great parts….we stop at a tremendous bakery on the way out of Pittsburgh, then we stop at a huge Dollar Tree….I found so many things that I’ll be showing in upcoming videos.  I hate to do that though, because, I know, like me, most people don’t have access to Dollar Trees that are huge and loaded with all kinds of new products, and frankly, it’s frustrating.  I know when I show our store, that’s small, but well stocked, a lot of viewers are jealous, and that makes me sad…If they saw the store I was in today, they’d really be upset.  I spent over $40…At least $10 was dog treats though.

Tomorrow we’re meeting college friends for breakfast, then I’ll be uploading a new video…It’s the new stamp sets just released by Rubber Stamp Tapestry, the peg stamp people…I think these are some of their best sets ever..

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