Rich’s brother had heart surgery yesterday, and we thought we’d see him, but he was in too much pain, and wanted us to wait until today…Honey was super anxious for some reason this morning, so Rich went without me, and I went out shopping with a friend for a couple of hours, thinking Honey would be fine….I got home and she was so freaked, she couldn’t calm down until I came into the sunroom (her safe haven) and sat in my chair, while she sat on the love seat beside it.  Our dogs never used to lay on our furniture, but since we’ve had Bella and Honey, they think they own everything, so almost all of our furniture has removable dog covers.  I sometimes feel like a really old lady, and maybe should reconsider, and go for clear plastic covers..smack me if I even consider that as it’s just gross…If you’ve never sat on it, it sticks to you and makes all kinds of noises when you move..my grandma had it covering her couch.  But that was in the 1960’s, and thankfully, she got over it and stopped using plastic in the 70’s.

While I was sitting with Honey, a huge woodpecker with the hair like Woody Woodpecker came to one of our bird feeders.  Rich has been trying to photograph him, and had his camera in the kitchen.  I knew it would be a miracle if I could hold the camera long enough to get photos, as it has a long lens and weighs a ton (to me.)  It’s so much lighter than the Canon AE-1 I had in college, and loved….I saved while working summers, so I could afford a really long lens to take photos of Rich playing football.  And I made a scrapbook for him and one for another good friend who played on his team….I guess I was crafty back then …  I could barely hold that camera, and I was physically healthy..I’m off topic, so..Back to the bird.

I took probably fifty photos of him by holding down the button, and if any of them turn out, (I’m waiting for Rich to look them over), I’ll be sure to upload one in the next day or so.  I don’t think this particular woodpecker is very common, at least in PA.  We get four varieties of woodpeckers, and he’s the one we rarely see.  You’re probably thinking I know a lot about birds from what I’m saying here, that’s not the case, I just kind of like woodpeckers, as they come in so many shapes and sizes.  Since Honey and I spend our winters in the sunroom staring at birds and squirrels, we get to see a lot of different things….Bella, on the other hand, prefers the living room couch…No they’re not spoiled at all..

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