I’d like to say that I’ve been busy in the craft room, but the cold has gotten worse, and I’m a snotty mess.  I did make one video, but it was bad…no horrible is a better term.  I wanted to try triple step stamping in the MISTI, but even though I used good acrylic stamps from Simon Says Stamp, and cleaned them thoroughly, they were so sticky, they pulled the papers from under two magnets and the images shifted enough that it ruined the look, thus ruining the card.  It’s a St. Patrick’s Day card for my sister, and it turned out OK, but definitely not video worthy…plus, I don’t know about all of you, but when I’m not feeling well, nothing goes right in the craft room. I wanted to stamp Gina K’s new Amalgam Ink on a tag that came with one of the stamp kits.  The Amalgam ink smeared, when it’s not supposed to…..and I’d even heat set it.  Alcohol markers smeared the ink (again not supposed to) to the point that the llama I had stamped, lost his entire face….So I had to stamp and re-color the llama on white cardstock, cut him out and glue him to the tag…..Let’s just say there’s nothing about this card that made me extremely happy.  In fact, the card made me feel like I should wrap things up until I felt better.  But since then, two days ago, I’m feeling worse instead of better, so no more craft room for me.

And this will tell you everything you need to know about how I handle colds…I’ve spent the last three days primarily watching cooking shows.  Yesterday, Rich made me lemon ricotta cookies from scratch, and I ate four without taking a breath.  I know, it’s disgusting, but I couldn’t help myself.  There wasn’t a lot of lemon, and the warm ricotta soothed my throat, and I lost all control.

If you’re wondering what kinds of cooking shows I like, they’re the ones on PBS..No commercials, and no cooking competitions, just cooking.  Years ago, when the cooking network first appeared on the scene, Rich and I were on vacation out west, when we found it.  We spent one whole day just watching cooking shows and said if we ever had that channel, we’d never watch anything else.  Sadly, the shows they used to make, have been replaced with a bunch of competition shows, and that killed it for me.  Just show me someone cutting a bunch of onions and I’m happy…I don’t know why, but there’s something completely relaxing about watching someone chopping.  I even love chopping gadgets, so if I come across a shopping channel where they’re selling those boxes where the person puts half an onion in the top and slams the lid down, thereby chopping the onion, I’m in.  I’d never buy one, because I know the strength it would take to do that, plus I don’t want to miss the opportunity to use a sharp knife to make tiny pieces of anything…I’m dangerous with a knife.

I started thinking about it, and came up with this (in case you wondered what makes me tick when I’m sick.)  I’m a poet…

A Recipe for the Perfect Day for Sandy (with a cold)

A.  Comfort foods including but not limited to:  My mom’s potato soup recipe, her creamed chip beef on toast (don’t hate me for loving salt), warm cookies fresh from the oven, warm tea with a lot of sugar and milk, basically any meal with chicken and gravy,  Kool-Aid—doesn’t burn my throat like other drinks (I know, I’m weird)

B.  Cooking Channel

C.  Great Book–has to be really good or I lose interest fast when I have a cold

D. Dog snuggling

E.  Having Rich nearby…

You can’t ask for more than that.

2 thoughts on “3/8-3/10-2019

  1. I love creamed chip beef on toast … To me, chicken and gravy with rice mixed in is just so comforting. Hope you are feeling better. I got lucky and managed to dodge a cold this entire winter. A first for me!


  2. Did your mom make it for you when you were sick as a kid. Chicken and gravy with just about anything always made me happy too….Rich’s cold is gone…but mine is lingering…2 weeks today..so frustrating when I sound like a head full of snot…..


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