I’ve been busy in the craft room, as I have a bunch of cards I need to make for special occasions.  I was thinking about ways to use the gelli plate, and created a rose card by using a rose stencil with a variety of ink colors, then used my colored pencils to add definition.  In the end, I really liked the way it turned out and hope you do too.

After I finished that card, I needed to make a birthday card for a friend who just turned eighty.  He was our college professor, the one who asked me to tutor Rich, and ultimately claims he’s the reason we got married….Just a sweet and wonderful man…I decided to make him a shaker card with a bird stamped on the acetate and colored with alcohol markers.  I added some flowers to the front so it appears the bird is flying in to check them out…We were able to see him open the card, and he was amazed that it was a shaker, and decided I should sell cards for Hallmark….it made my day.

I’m finally shaking the cold, and Rich has been over his for a few days…On our way back from the college we attended, Rich said “I hate to say this…….” and I knew what he was going to say next….”but my throat is starting to hurt.”  Great, he catching another cold…that can only mean one thing..I’m destined to get it next…DARN IT!  I told him I’d have to make a bunch of cards in the next few days before I have it too…

Next weekend, we’re going to a wedding near D.C. and then on to see our nephews who live in the D.C. area.  I’ll be really bummed if I have a cold for that trip…I’m going to be pounding down lots of Vitamin C and Zinc in the meantime, and hope I somehow avoid getting sick..That’s my goal anyway…we’ll see how it turns out.

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