I thought we were both getting over our colds, then Rich’s cold came back on Friday.  It seems like it’s worse this time than the last, and his throat is really sore.  I felt better but have been so tired, I slept most of the weekend.  Then this morning, Rich woke me up and pointed to his back and said, “I think I have Shingles.”  YIKES!  So he went to our doctor and yes, he has Shingles.  So he’s been put on a bunch of medicines and I hope he doesn’t have them for up to six weeks and instead, more like the two week minimum, because he took a medicine that’s supposed to shorten the duration….and I really hope it does.   He’s not in pain yet, but I’m worried.  The frustrating part is that Rich has been trying to get his shingle vaccine, but none are available in our area…What are the odds?

As for videos, I have three that are finished and are waiting for Rich to upload them, so it might be a while before any new videos go up..

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