I’d like to tell you that Rich’s cold is better, but it’s not..So far though, the shingles have not been horrible, and I hate saying that out loud, as the doctor says that the pain can kick in at any time….so I’m holding my breath, praying Rich’s shingles are of the mild variety.  Rich asked the doctor if that was a possibility, and she kind of snickered, and said “not likely.”  Apparently she is of the tough love school of thought…she doesn’t want Rich to have any unrealistic expectations, or hope….

I’ve been trying to find every kind of happy food for Rich, and the big winners have been sweets…I felt the same way when I had the cold…just bring on the sugar..I drank a gallon of Kool-Aid in three days….and I don’t even really like Kool-Aid..but my throat was sore and I couldn’t taste much, and anything with fizz burned, so Kool-Aid was cold and easy on my throat.  If you haven’t given it a try since you were a kid, I strongly recommend you give it a whirl.

This is all sounding really familiar to me, so if I’ve already gone off on a Kool-Aid rant, we’ll chalk it up to exhaustion.  Rich’s coughing has been so bad at night, and no matter what remedies we try, he’s still coughing.  If any of you have a tried and true way to stop coughing (that doesn’t involve any over the counter medicines, since we’ve tried all of them)….let me know..

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