I’d like to say I’ve been making videos, but have not.  I haven’t had a lot of energy, and I’m not sure why.  I’ve been sleeping a lot, and would sleep more if it didn’t make me feel guilty…  And my brain hasn’t been working well.  I thought tomorrow was my girlfriend’s birthday, but it was actually today, so I’ve already dropped the ball big time with that.  She called and I asked if her birthday was tomorrow and she said, actually, it’s today….and that made me feel awful.  I’m not good with keeping a calendar nearby.  I know the date of her birthday, but clearly didn’t know what the date was when I called her.  I’m a terrible friend.  And she’s always so good about remembering my birthday and making sure I have a pretty cake to celebrate with and a nice gift….Call me crappy friend..it’s ok, because I’m already calling myself that.

I was going to work on a project today, but can’t find the things I bought at the Dollar Tree to make it with.  I hate it when I’m so disorganized and my aggravation and frustration goes into hyper-drive.  Today was going to be the day I really made things happen, unfortunately I can’t get motivated to accomplish anything.  So tomorrow will be the day I get things done….Today I’ll upload a video and that’s probably all the energy I’ll have for the day..After that, I think I’ll read, or take a nap.

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