Dollar Tree Covered Clip Board & New Cutting Mats & Discounts

I bought the clip board and showed it in my last haul. It has a waffly plastic front that I didn’t like, so decided to cover it with cardboard and then an extra-large gift bag from the Dollar Tree.

Clip Board link:
XLarge Shopping bag link:

I wanted to make sure you couldn’t feel the waffly outside of the clipboard, so took the back cardboard from 12 x 12″ designer paper and laid it over the front of the clipboard folder, then opened the folder and using a pencil traced the opening for the clip. I also used a pencil to draw the outside of the clipboard and cut the cardboard so it would fit the front of the folder.  The cardboard was not as tall as the folder, so I relied on the gift bag to cover the folder all the way to the top.  I did the same for the back, and used my corner rounder to round the bottom right corner that’s already rounded on the plastic.. The corner rounder is a Kadomaru Pro and here’s a link to it on Amazon.
I used red line tape to adhere the cardboard to the outside of the folder. link:  That didn’t work as well as I had hoped, so added wet glue and eventually, some hot glue on the outer edges.

I wanted to make a pocket for inside the folder and used a cutting mat to mark the spots for an angled pocket.

The Cutting Mats are from and are environmentally friendly, recyclable. They are PVC and BPA free. Non-toxic. Odorless. 5-layered, self-healing design for less waste and safe for children.

Here is the link to them on Amazon:

To receive your 15% discount on any size cutting mat, please leave me a comment below asking for your discount, and I’ll be sure to give it to you.

As always, I don’t receive any money for the sales of the cutting mats for for promoting them…I was given the mats and really think they are great quality and terrific for the environment.

I used the 45 degree marks on the cutting mats to make marks on cardboard that would ultimately make the pocket for the inside..After making a mark on either side of the cardboard, one near the bottom and following the 45 degree line, made a mark on the right side of the cardboard, and then put it in my paper trimmer lining the marks up so that it would have a diagonal top edge and cut the cardboard. Next, I put the cardboard in my score board and scored at 3/8″ on two sides and the bottom but not on the diagonal side. I used a bone folder to fold the scored areas under. I put a piece of red line tape on three folded edges to adhere it to the inside of the folder. I put red line tape on the front of the pocket and laid the excess gift bag on the front of the pocket and adhered it, then cut off the excess gift bag.

I used Tombow Mono Aqua wet glue to adhere the gift bag to the cardboard.

I used a scalloped edge paper punch to cut the edge of the paper that wrapped around the binding of the folder, and the punch I used was from Stampin’ Up.  I used hot glue to adhere this to the folder and added hot glue to the paper underneath, so it would stay adhered to the plastic folder.

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