I had purchased a clipboard folder from the Dollar Tree and decided I could make it look frisky if I covered it with a deconstructed gift bag also from the Dollar Tree.  I had a real adventure, as I glued the decorations on backward with hot glue, and then had to rip it apart….fyi, it’s not as hard as it sounds if you use your heat gun to re-melt the glue.  In the end it looks fine, but so many things went wrong, and I almost caught the paper on fire when trying to re-melt the glue.

I was sent cutting mats from a company called Ecopecoart.com and they also gave me a discount code for viewers.  I used the cutting mats in the video and used a few different cutting tools, and didn’t find any cuts in the mats when I was finished.  I really like the colors the mats come in, as well as their sizes.  The mats are environmentally friendly and recyclable, both things that are important these days.  I know I sound like an advertisement, but when I like a product, I like it…and you know I’m not being paid to say that…and won’t make any money if any of you take advantage of the discount and buy one.

As for being tired, I’m still really tired, and my doctor’s office is calling in a prescription for blood work, as my arthritis can sometimes make me feel like this…

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