I’ve been busy helping Rich clean the yard of sticks and corn cobs.  After a winter of feeding deer, we have a lot of corn cobs to get rid of.  A lot of people have asked us why we don’t feed deer corn already off the cob, since clean up would be a breeze.  Deer have a tendency to Hoover corn off the cob, and we never can seem to keep ahead of the game.  I think it’s like humans at Thanksgiving…we eat so much so fast, we don’t realize we are full until it’s too late.  Deer eating corn in a pile can eat it so fast, they have no idea they are full, and that becomes a problem, as some deer don’t get to eat anything.  When it’s on the cob, they have to eat slower, allowing more deer to get fed.  It’s not a scientific method, but it’s what we go by.  We’d rather have a lot of deer have something in their stomachs, than a few deer really full.

After doing yard work, I realize how out of shape I truly am.  The backs of my thighs have been hurting for three days and that’s nothing to brag about.  The weather has been changing so much that my arthritis has compounded the pain, so I have been exhausted and only went to garage sales yesterday, (and didn’t buy anything), cancelled going today, and slept until noon.  Yep, that’s me, sleeping until noon.  I feel embarrassed by it, but what can I say, that’s how I roll.  Oh, and the temperature this morning was 56 degrees and now at almost 5PM, it’s dropped to the low 40’s.  And tomorrow it might snow…welcome to lat April in N/W Pennsylvania.

Rich and I are going to Akron, Ohio, tomorrow for Adventures in Stamping, a stamp show that I love attending.  I try not to buy much at the show, but love watching the demonstrations and recording them for future videos.  I learn so many interesting tips, and hope I’ll be learning new ones tomorrow.  Rich, on the other hand, loves sitting near the food concession stand, contemplating what treat he’ll be trying next and listening to the ladies discussing the great bargains they’ve found.  He holds the bags of goodies I buy as well, leaving my hands free to video.  He’s quite the guy…

I love listening to the women shoppers too, and have offered a lot of money saving tips to them.  These women are spending lots of money (often on things they don’t need, but definitely want.)  I try to keep my mouth shut, but sometimes I can’t stop myself from telling them about alternatives they could be using and saving themselves a lot of money along the way.  I get a lot of odd looks, but just can’t help myself.  The last time we went to a stamp show, a woman stopped me to find out if I have a YouTube channel, and that’s the first time I’ve ever been recognized…It made my day….


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