I went into the craft room last night and made a pretty fun engagement card for my nephew and his new fiance.  I have new Prima stamps, one is a huge poppy and it comes with two smaller ones.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’m really into poppies right now, so I’m sure this is only one of many cards with poppies I’ll be making in the near future.  I used new watercolor paper from Arteza, and I had so much fun using it.  The people of Arteza are giving my viewers a discount and I love it when that happens, but almost dread it, because it seems like every time I have a discount to offer viewers, the codes expire before the video goes live.  I think we’ve got an answer to it, and that’s to let them know when the video is ready and then they can give me the codes, rather than giving me codes and not telling me when they expire…without a video being made yet.

While in the craft room, Rich was not home and Honey was nervous..She came into the craft room and got caught in the cord to my embossing gun and pulled a bunch of things off of my desk and scared herself really badly.  If she’s not anxious enough, now she’s afraid of the craft room…

Today, Rich and I went out to lunch with one of our college friends and then to see the new Avengers movie.  While we were at lunch, we were talking about the movie and that we’d heard a couple of the main characters die….And of course, I said the character I was afraid would die, and that if that happened, it would ruin the series for me…Naturally, that’s one of the characters that’s gone….DARN IT!  I told Rich that I have no reason to see any of the upcoming Avengers movies, as I only went to see them for this character.  I’m trying really hard not to ruin it for those of you that are still planning to see the movie…I know I wouldn’t want to know…

After the movie, we made a quick trip to the Dollar Tree and I bought some of their small poster board that I’ve heard other YouTubers use with alcohol inks…So I thought we’d give it a try.  I might make the cover for a small album with alcohol inks for the background…or not (if it turns out badly.)  I have a lot of ideas, just need to get into the craft room and stay there until I’ve made some videos.

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