Measurements for Beginners: Ruler, Score Board, Paper Trimmer

I wanted to do a video where I went into detail on determining measurements for crafting. I was asked to do this video and hope it’s helpful for those who are metric users or are new to determining measurements.

When using any measuring tool, count the number of dashes between the inch mark (don’t count the first large line) and the next inch mark. It should have either eight or sixteen notches. Often times, the quarter inch, half inch and three-quarter inch will have a longer dash than the marks in between for ease of use.

You should first count the dashes, and if there are eight between one and two inches, then the second dash is 2/8th of an inch (or 1/4 of an inch), the fourth dash is 4/8th (or 1/2 of an inch), and the sixth dash is 6/8th (or 3/4 of an inch.)

When using a tool with sixteen dashes between one and two inches, you’ll count them and the easy numbers to remember are
4 is 1/4
8 is 1/2
12 is 3/4

If you need to find 5/8 on the tool that is in 16th, then you multiply the 5 x 2 to get 10 and then 8 x 2 is 16 so you are going to count to the 10th dash (not counting the first dash that has the inch number written on it). You’ll also note that often your tool will have longer dashes for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 and with a tool in 16th, will have a small dash for 1/16th (or the first line after the inch mark) and then a little longer dash for 2/16 or 1/8….Always remember that if you can divide the top number into the bottom number, you can reduce it to the smaller number….For instance, if you have 8/16th, you can divide 8 into 16 and that is 1/2.

I hope this helps those of you who struggle with measurements or are new to them.

Martha Stewart Score Board-This tool is no longer available, but the most similar tool I’ve found to it is the Stampin’ Up Score Board.

Cricut Paper Trimmer Link:

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