We had a warm day today, the nicest day so far this year…Around 70 degrees…You have to love that.

I decided I needed to get rid of a lot of clothes I don’t wear, so went through my drawers and am donating a lot…I’m serious about it this time.  If the material feels uncomfortable to the touch, or wrinkles too easily, it’s going.  I have this thing about sticking my hand in my drawer…If I touch a t-shirt and it’s thick or wrinkled, I won’t wear it…so might as well pass it off to someone who might like it.

I’m back in the craft room and hoping to come up with a few great videos, or a couple of decent ones.  I want to play with the big box of glitter that was sent to me by Arteza.  I’m really lucky that companies are allowing me to try their products for free and that helps me try more techniques.  I’m going to try making simple earrings on an upcoming video…I’ll let you know when I get up the nerve to give it a try.  In the meantime, I still have more craft monthly kits that I need to do videos on, so I can finally do the wrap up video comparing the values and policies of each company.  I can’t wait to get that done.

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