I went to a rummage sale where they had lots of empty unused cd cases, so I bought around 25 of them.  Sadly, since you never know when and if you’ll find the things you need, I bought 100 of them on ebay about a month ago.  I know it was dumb, since I paid $25 for them, but I really needed them for my stamp sets, so I bought them.  You’re probably thinking I’ll never use that many stamp cases, but every time I tell myself I won’t be buying more stamps, I do….I bought 100 cd cases a couple of years ago, plus have gotten lots of free ones from friends and family, and used all of those, so clearly, I have no control.  I seriously wish I did.  The other issue I have, is that I don’t use the stamp sets I have, and just keep buying more.  I’m a crazy crafty hoarder, and I think we can all agree on that.

I finally have started getting some energy back, and that’s great, because I was really starting to worry.  I’ve made three or four videos and hopefully, will make more tonight when Rich is at basketball.  Unfortunately, Honey doesn’t like it when I go in the craft room, so I’ll have to work around that.  Did I tell you about her getting her foot caught on my embossing gun cord and pulling a bunch of things off my desk?  I’m not sure if she’ll ever feel safe enough to go there again….I really wish it hadn’t happened, but unfortunately, it did.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to a craft show to help benefit the woman whose responsible for animal cruelty prevention in our county.  It’s a volunteer position (I think), and we didn’t have one when we got Honey from a puppy mill.  I tried turning them in to our humane society, AKC and our veterinarian, but at that time, no one would help.  Our vet did take down the breeder’s information and kept it on file, in case she came across other puppies from them with the same or similar health issues as Honey.

Back to the craft show….So I asked to speak with the woman who was taken on this huge task, and met her.  She seems really committed to her cause, and I asked her what she was doing about puppy mills.  She explained that there are a couple of types of puppy mills and that they have to handle them in different ways.  So then I asked if she was aware of a puppy mill in the town we got Honey…and she said, “Is it on …….Road? ”  I said yes, and she smiled and said that they are on her radar.  It was like the weight of the world dropped off my shoulders, as I have been fretting about this for over three years, thinking they would continue to keep breeding dogs to death and not caring about the puppies that they were producing…And not having anyone to stop them.  At last, someone is taking note.

It was the best craft show I’ve ever been to, and I didn’t buy anything and only donated money to the cause.  It’s a great cause.

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