Stitchbook Embroidery on a Book Cover

I found this Jot Stitchbook at Pat Catan’s, that’s going out of business….I also found them on ebay…here’s a link to a seller whose is offering five of them.

I used the design that came with the stitchbook, a zig zag pattern. I followed the directions and used a white colored pencil (Prismacolor) to draw the design on the cover so all I’d need to do is stitch it.

To stitch it, I used the plastic needle that came with the kit, and my own embroidery floss. I used two different colors of floss and used the whole floss (not dividing out two or three strands) and used the following color numbers for the first zig zag. 1114A and 906. You start from the back and stitch following the white lines. I knotted the very end of the double strand and used a really long strand and it was almost enough for the front.
I used two colors of blues for the second and fourth sets of zig zags.

After finishing the embroidery, I decided it would be fun to make my initials out of ribbon, so I found a matching ribbon and threaded it through the needle eye and started near the left side and a little above the center of the book, and stitched my initials. The middle initial should be your last name and a little larger than the other initials, but unfortunately, I forgot to make it larger..

I think you could make this book front by using a die that makes cross stitch holes or you can find these in kids crafts. I thought it would be fun to give this a try.

When I was finished, I cut paper to cover the back of the stitches and it was 5″ by 8″.. I rounded the corners with my Kadomaru Pro corner rounder that you can find on Amazon. I attached the paper to the back of the stitched page with tear tape.

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