Bare Tree Stencil Card w Arteza Glitter Set of 54 & Discount Code

The nice people at Arteza gave me this set of 54 super fine glitters to try, and a discount code for my viewers, including those in Europe.
Below, you’ll find the instructions on how to make the card as well as the discounts you’ll need.

USA site:
Europe site:

10% discount codes:
Glitter Shaker Jars – Set of 54: used in this video
5.5×8.5″ Watercolor Pads, 30 Sheets – Pack of 3: used in the following video:
and Holographic Glitter Shakers (2 Colors Diamond & Fancy, 5g Each): (from an upcoming video)

I started with the Stampendous Dreamweaver Metal Stencil called Bare Trees. I bought mine at Sparkle n’ Sprinkle and here’s the link to it.  If you sign up for their emails, you’ll get good discount codes, and one for your first purchase, (just thought you’d like to know.)

Rub the entire back of the stencil with Coconut oil soap to make sure you can pull it back off once you are done. Also from Sparkle n’ Sprinkle
Hawaiian Coconut Oil Soap link:

I showed the box of glitter and showed how I used name tags from the Dollar Tree (link: along with my 5/8″ circle punch to make dots (using only the white parts of the name tags) for on the top of the glitter. (Leave the backing paper on the name tags when punching them…it’s harder to remove the backing paper after you’ve punched them out, but if you remove the backing paper before punching it out, you’ll get the label stuck in your punch.)
I added Tombow Mono Aqua glue to the circle (on top of each jar) and used the glitter in that jar to coat the circle.  That way I can tell at a glance what each bottle holds, then put them in a rainbow order so I’d be able to find all of one color family easily.

I used carpet tape (link: that’s a little over 2″ wide to cover my card that is 4 1/4″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall (and added one small strip of tear tape to cover the last 1/4″ that the carpet tape didn’t cover. Your card base will be super sticky, so make sure you put your stencil over it as soon as possible, making sure it’s lined up evenly (as you won’t get a second chance to attach it, since the paper is so sticky.)

I chose to make my bare trees look like spring right before the trees get their leaves. I put a darker green glitter on the bottom 1/4 of the card, and put a spare piece of paper above it so I wouldn’t get glitter where I didn’t want it. I changed to a lighter green for about 3/4″ so it looked like green grass in the distance (with sunlight shining on it.)  I kept my backing paper from the carpet tape to rub the glitter into the stencil. When I changed colors, I flipped over the backing paper, and eventually just used my finger to ensure the glitter was well adhered to the carpet tape. I used a bright blue for most of the top section and then a lighter blue to finish the top. I removed the stencil and rubbed turquoise glitter around the edges and then took a dark silver glitter to cover the trees so the entire card is covered with glitter.

Any excess glitter was put back into the jars except the dark silver, as it might have gotten other colors mixed with it when I rubbed the silver into the card…I might have dislodged other colors and you don’t want a bottle of silver glitter with blue and green mixed in.

I die cut the word hello four times and glued them together then sprayed Aleene’s tacky spray (link: over the front, then added bright neon yellow glitter to it and tapped it in place to ensure it wouldn’t come off..

I left the inside of the card empty but stamped the back with my “made by Sandy Parker” stamp.

I hope you enjoyed this video..Just so you know, I don’t get any monies from Arteza, only products to try out on my channel, and discount codes for all of you..  I have one more video coming up using some of their chunky glitter that works well in shaker cards..I gave you the discount code for this glitter above with the other codes for this glitter and the watercolor pads I used in this video.

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