I have four videos ready to go live, and I think one should be up tomorrow.  I went to garage sales today and didn’t find much of anything that was fun.  I bought a Pampered Chef egg slicer since my old one is falling apart, and hopefully, Pampered Chef makes a more durable slicer.  I use it whenever I cut eggs for egg salad, potato or macaroni salad…so much easier than cutting them.  I put the eggs in so they are facing front to back on the long side, then slice it, hold it and turn it sideways and slice again for perfectly cut egg pieces.  It’s a lot easier than using a knife, as they sometimes are slippery and I like my knives to be really sharp….There’s my kitchen tip of the day for you, haha…

I’m really happy because our little bird family are back to have their babies (chicks, birdlings?)  OK, I knew birdling wasn’t right, but wasn’t sure about chick, so looked it up, and most baby birds are called chicks…I really wasn’t sure about that.  Any way, I wanted to video them last year and waited a day too long, and they’d left the nest, but this year, I’m committed to getting a video of them “talking” to each other after they have their chicks.  I love listening to them (I’m sure I’ve said this before,) because it sounds like they are bickering at each other and it’s so much fun to listen to them.  And once the chicks come, it’s a virtual screamfest.  The babies chirp until food comes, and they sound like an angry bird mob.  I can’t wait for you to hear them.  I’ve never seen the babies in all the years they’ve been nesting here, but boy have I heard them.  I’d love to have one of those wildlife cameras and have it focused on the opening to their house so I can watch the chicks learn to fly…that would be awesome.   You know you’re getting old when you love watching animals as much as I do.

There’s only one thing in the animal/bird community that bothers me, and that’s starlings.  I think they are the most glutenous, loud, obnoxious birds, and I’m always happy when they continue on their way…We normally have them in May, and if I have any bird food out, I have to bring it in, or they will eat all of it and not allow any other birds near the feeder.  I wouldn’t mind if they shared the food with other birds, but it’s nasty how aggressive and loud they are….I figured out by eliminating the food source, they leave much faster than if I continue to give them a food source.  They need to go.


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