I’ve been working on the card I’m making my great niece for her high school graduation.  I wanted to make something she would appreciate, and she always liked playing those claw games in the lobby of stores when she was younger.  I found a stamp set with one, and found a small graduation cap in one of my other stamp sets to add to to head of one of the animals inside the game.  I colored everything with my new Arteza markers, and I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed with them.  The blending they do is splotchy, and one of the markers seemed dry to me.  I’m going to keep working with them, but so far, I’m a little bummed using them.  I’ve been so happy with the rest of their products, and these just aren’t (at this point), the quality I’ve seen in the past.

I had an appointment in Pittsburgh today, so didn’t get a chance to finish the card, but will make sure to get it done tonight or tomorrow, as we are leaving for Virginia on Wednesday, and won’t be back until Saturday.  We’re really lucky to have a nice woman who dog sits for us, and both of our dogs really like her, so they won’t be alone, and we won’t have to worry about them.  We’ll be seeing our great niece, so I have to finish her card before we leave.  I’ve got a lot to do before we leave.

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