Intro to Foamiran & Paper Flowers & Gifts from Barb & Jim

My friend Barb, makes wonderful flowers from foamiran and paper, and I wanted to show you the flowers she’s made and the book she’s created to help her with ideas…She uses a lot of information and ideas from Liz Marsden.
Liz’s Marsden’s YouTube page :
Liz Marsden’s Blog:

Barb has her own blog and shares a lot of beautiful flowers there.

Barb’s blog: Barb’s Cards, My Way

In the USA, we’ve only been able to find foamiran at the following store and you can find some beautiful flower dies there as well.

Whimsy Stamps:
foamiran from Whimsy Stamps:

I bought my foamiran on Aliexpress and here’s a link to the store that sells it at very reasonable prices.

foamiran from Aliexpress link:

In our next video, Barb and I will make a foamiran flower and I wanted to share a die I found that’s very similar to ours.

Rich and I are going out of town until Sunday the 9th, so the video of Barb and I making flowers won’t be up until after then, sorry.

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