I’ve been working on finishing more videos for Rich to upload, but he’s been sidetracked with issues with our sump pump, mowing the grass, and continuous rain.  If you aren’t familiar with a sump pump, it removes excess water from basements..You can only replace a non-working pump when it stops raining, otherwise it’s almost impossible to remove it from it’s attachments as water is pouring in non-stop….And of course, with all of the rain we’ve had, he hasn’t been able to mow the grass, so both projects have not gone well for him.

Today, before fixing the sump pump, we went to the latest X-Men movie.  I have to say, it was weird.  It was supposed to be (historically) before the other X-Men movies, but a major character that appear in the later movies dies in this one.  That lead Rich and the friend we went with to have a big conversation about the movie, along the lines of, which came first, the chicken or the egg.  They were trying to convince me that this movie somehow took place after the other movies, even though the characters were much younger.  I’m just saying, if you have a series of movies, you can’t kill a major character when they are young, after you’ve shown them as older in your previous movies.  Let’s just say it was poorly thought-out.

After the movie, we went to a large craft store that’s going out of business, and I bought a bunch of things that were 90% off.  I had a great time, and may go back again with a friend.  I love going to stores when they are having tremendous sales, and this was a great one.  I might do a small haul to show everyone the bargains I got….

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