I went to a bunch of garage sales today and found some things I’ve been searching for…an iron for foamiran–one that doesn’t have the non-stick face.  I found it and it was really inexpensive.  I don’t think the woman knew what she was selling, as its is a Rowenta iron, and they are high end, and sells for over $60.  I think she sold it to me for $2.00.  I didn’t even look at the name brand, as I was just so happy to find one with a silver face..YAY!!  I also found a storage container for smaller items, and it will be great for beads and sequins.  I might move all of my sequins to this container, but will have to check to see if they will fit.

I think I’m going to do another haul video, as I keep finding great deals on things and want to share them with my viewers.  I’m not sure though, as some things are really hard to find, and I was just lucky (like the iron.)

We have a great nephew who went to school to do music, specifically on video games and background music in movies.  I talked to him about hiring him to make the “theme song” for my YouTube channel..I think it would be great to have my own intro song.  He and I will be talking more about it at the beginning of the week..I am really excited about this, and then I might try to find someone to make into graphics too.  Just because my channel isn’t monetized, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still try to make it look and sound professional…

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