I spent most of the day yesterday in my craft room.  I wanted to create my own background paper and then cut it into several smaller pieces, to be used on as many cards as possible..  So far I’ve made four cards, and still have a piece of my background paper left to create a fifth card.  I was having so much fun and doing so many different things with the background paper, and I’ve still got several ideas left to share.  It was so much fun working with peg stamps to create the background paper….and I used a watercolor paper that if I wanted to, I could color the background a different color, and I still might do that with my last piece.

I need to sent so many cards to people that I’ve promised them to, and I feel guilty that I continue to procrastinate.  I wish I was as good at sending cards as I am at creating them.

I want to go back into the craft room, but got my second shingles shot yesterday, and today my shoulder has a huge red welt on it, and hurts like anything.  At least I got an older video uploaded, and have a couple more that Rich needs to put online before he catches up with the video I just made.

I have a bunch of things I’d like to share in a haul video too, so will probably making that video in the next day or too.

My birds are back in their house, and as soon as I hear the babies chirping, I’m going to make a video recording them.  It’s so much fun to watch the mother and father birds working to keep their babies stomach’s full…

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