I’m going to whine for a minute.  I got the second shingles shot, and have been sick for days.  Nauseous, yep….all the time, for days.  And before that, I had a welt on my arm that was the size of a small avocado and o sore, it hurt when my shirt sleeve touched it.

Naturally, I haven’t been in the craft room, but luckily I have so many videos that need to be uploaded, it didn’t slow down the channel.  Then again, Rich hasn’t been well for a while.  He needs to have his hip replaced and still pushes himself like he doesn’t.

Unfortunately, between the two of us, getting videos uploaded hasn’t been as high of a priority as sleeping…we’ve been sleeping a lot, and trying to put videos up when we can.

I’ve also found that I don’t have as much to talk about on the blog.  I wish I was more active and had interesting things to say, but sadly, I’m not doing as much or experimenting as much as I used to, and wish I had more to say.  Sometimes life seems to pass me by, and sadly, the last year has gotten away from me.  I hope that I find a renewed passion for the blog going forward..I hope…


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