We aren’t very active, and this weekend, had two parties in one afternoon, and boy am I tired (still.)  The first was a graduation party for the son of our next door neighbor growing up….Almost every adult there I’d met and spent time with in my youth, and it was like a family reunion for me.  Our family is really small..My mother was an only child and my dad had one sister…..A big family get-together for us, consisted of thirteen people.  Our neighbors, on the other hand, had a huge family with loads of kids, so their family get-togethers (that we always attended), were big…and since I’ve known the “kids” all my life, it’s always nice reconnecting with them.  They’re so kind, treating me like family, and since my sister is in North Carolina, it was great to spend time with “family.”

We went from there to our other “family,” our college friends.  One family was celebrating the birth of a new grandson, and the rest of us, celebrated with them.  There are five families that live within an hour of us..Rich played football with the men, and I was good friends with a couple of the men in the group.  It doesn’t matter that it’s been almost forty years since we’ve graduated, we laugh at the same stories and talk about different people that we’ve recently spoke with…

I know a lot of people remember their high school years with fondness, but I didn’t hit my stride until college, and those four years were the best of both Rich’s and my lives.  We both made life long friends and wouldn’t change those years for anything….And for Rich and me, the best part, was meeting each other there…

2 thoughts on “7/6-7/8/2019

  1. Thanks for the nice note. It’s sad when we lost Grandma Georgie, that our family went in all directions. I wish we would have all stayed closer, but other family commitments get in the way.
    I hope you can come by fall, as I saved the pumpkin I made with the door is waiting for you….


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