I know I haven’t been putting up enough videos, but Rich is working on editing the longest video I’ve made in a while.  I have three more videos ready to go up, so I’m cracking the whip (I mentioned the video and he got right to it, my version of cracking the whip.)

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I took one of our bank co-workers out to lunch.  She’s in her mid-eighties, and loves to get together whenever we can.  Her sons are busy with their lives, so she spends too much time alone.  She had a stroke when she turned eighty, and lost the ability to drive.  It’s been the single hardest thing for her, losing her independence..I think we can all agree that would be a horrible thing.  She has lost the function (most of it anyway) on one side, so has to use a walker, and that bugs her too.  If you knew how spunky she is, you’d understand why these things frustrate her so much.

We went to Walmart today, and PennDot is changing a major intersection into a round-a-bout…They can’t decide how to keep the traffic moving, so closed one major road, and that’s making it almost impossible to get anywhere.  We had to wait for a line of traffic twenty cars long, just to leave a parking lot…and each car had to turn onto a very busy four-lane road, so you can imagine the frustration….Have I bored you to death?  I also had some carpets cleaned so Honey spent the entire morning barking at the cleaners.All in all, a great day.


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