I’ve been working on making a card for my nephew who recently got engaged.  I bought a set of dies that makes a 3-d card, and ran it through the Vagabond a couple of days ago…Nothing would punch out of the small holes, as I was using glitter paper…I decided I wouldn’t let that die beat me, so added another piece of thin cardboard to the die cutting process to really squeeze it, but no luck…..Again, not giving up, so I added a layer of new dryer sheets so they would stick to the pieces of paper and pull them out…Again, NOTHING!  And all of this was after using a page protector in the cutting process that should have pulled out the bits and pieces…..Literally an hour later, I had finally pulled out the last piece…

It was probably the type of paper I used, as it seemed to have a thin plastic lining inside, but still, you’d have thought that after I tried so many things, those little pieces would just fall out..  I had to use my scissors to cut almost every small piece, none popped out on their own.  And after all of the pieces have been removed, I think I’m going to have to line the glitter card stock, as it’s really flimsy now….CRAP!!   I am crossing my fingers that a regular card stock will cut like butter, but if it doesn’t, I might not line the glitter paper, as the frustration so far has been beyond normal for me….And I’m the girl that used that entire roll of horrible foam tape that stuck to everything, especially me…

I just looked at a video using this die and I think I’ll have to cut a few more layers out to make it work…darn it..  And I’m making three foamiran plumeria, the bride’s favorite flower, to go inside…I may never get another video done….

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