I’m working on the 3D bridal card for my nephew and his fiance.  I watched a video that helped a lot with how to put the die pieces together.  I couldn’t follow the paper directions (what else is new?), but knew if there was a video, I would know how to proceed.   Here’s the die I’m using.  I also wasn’t originally aware that I needed to buy the bridal section separately, so keep that in mind if you are interested in making this card.  It’s called Spellbinders Shapeabilities Crand Cabinet.

Spellbinders Shapeabilities Grand Cabinet 3D Card Etched/Wafer Thin Die (Renewed)

Here’s the bridal component that you purchase separately. Spellbinders Shapeabilities Layered Happily Ever After Etched/Wafer Thin Die

The one thing the video taught me, was that I needed four additional layers of the top design that took over an hour to de-gut….my term for taking all unnecessary leftover pieces out of the die cut.  I almost gave up, but then decided that perhaps my whole problem with the die cutting, was the glitter paper I had first used, so went to my standard white cardstock, and every single piece popped out like magic, just using the page protector under the cardstock, so all of those little pieces would stick to the page protector.  I have to tell you, those ladies at Clarity Stamps really know how to easily shortcut a problem like that.  Since I’ve seen every other idea, and tried them (to both save your cutting plates and get small pieces to easily drop out), this has been such an easy shortcut for me.  And, if you’re thinking it’s more expensive than drier sheets or wax paper, I’ve been using the same page protector for over a month and it’s still going strong.  If you saw it, you’d think about how it’s saved my base plate from a hundred new gouges…So if you’ve ever been on the fence about how to save your plates and make sure all of those tiny pieces come out of your die cut, fold an inexpensive page protector like this from the Dollar Tree, to fit on top of your cutting plate in your die cutting machine. Simply add the cardstock next, then the die facing down, then the top clear plate.  I couldn’t believe the difference it’s made in my die cutting, with the exception, clearly, of inexpensive glitter card stock from Joanns line of small paper pads in their discount area.  I think the name of these products begin with “Mrs.” but I can’t confirm this on their site or by the pad, as I used the top of the pad for a shim, and then threw it away…I hate it when that happens.

I really hope you give this a try, because I don’t know about you, but I love a good shortcut….The Dollar Tree page protectors come in a pack of sixteen, so that’s at least a year and a half of peace of mind.

I’m back to work on my card…..Oh, one other thing I learned today, some women when working with foamiran don’t use irons, they use a flat iron for hair…I bought a tiny one that’s seriously dangerous, just to straighten ribbon, and I’m going to give it a try on foam -iran.  If it melts one, then I won’t be showing that on video, but will definitely give you the heads up about my issue…Stay tuned for whether it works or not…

3 thoughts on “7/14/2019

  1. Hi Sandy! I have looked at this die set a couple of times and I even found something similar on Aliexpress but of course….I didn’t buy it! Ha ha 🤪 I’m really eager to see your video demonstrating it! I have never visited your blog before! I guess I never thought🤔 to look! So found the post button and look at me! I’m posting on your blog! Hope u are having a fab day! I just was watching the news and saw that there is a heatwave going through the Midwest and east coast! Be sure to stay hydrated!🌞The heat can dehydrate you quickly! Not something you think about a lot but learned that from living here in Arizona! I’m sure your fur babies will be enjoying being inside under a fan today! Take care sweet friend. ~ Katz


    1. I’m thrilled you took the time to read the blog, as I don’t think many people do. I don’t tend to stay on topic, and a lot of people think a craft blog is about crafting…what are they thinking? haha….probably why a lot of people don’t read it. I did buy my dies through Aliexpress because I knew I’d only use them once, but always give the real names of the dies so I don’t get thrown off of YouTube. I had a scare about two years ago, when there was a press to pull down any channels that mentioned or used Aliexpress stamps or dies, and am not going to go through that again if I can avoid it. I even had obscure channels putting up my videos of Aliexpress hauls, then have one of my “viewers” give me a heads up about it, with the hope that I would turn them into YouTube for stealing my video (which I did) and YT would take down my channel because of showing counterfeit products. Luckily, they didn’t take my channel but did take at least fifteen others. At that time, I didn’t even know they were counterfeit, so I wasn’t like the people who lost their channels, who would announce the product’s original company and tell how much they were saving by buying on Aliexpress..
      I don’t have to worry about the heat, as we’re (per usual) having rain and thunderstorms. But we do keep the rooms we spend our time in really cool, so the girls don’t get too hot. So nice to see you on the blog….


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