I worked on, and finally finished the wedding card for my nephew…I think you’ll be impressed.  I used foamiran and made three different sized white plumeria, a flower I really wasn’t familiar with before.  Apparently, they are really popular in California, where the bride’s family lives.  Here’s a photo of what I tried to replicate on my card.

plumeria photo.jpg

I was so lucky that she chose such a simple flower to make…YAY!!!!  Basically, all you do is cut a teardrop shape out of foamiran, and then use that as your template, lay it up against more foamiran, and cut out four more.  Then I used Distress Squeezed Lemonade on a brush to color the centers, and used my hot glue gun to put the flower together….What never occurred to me, was even though I thought a flower was small, it still wasn’t small enough to fit inside the card.  Another plus about this flower, all I had to do was trim the ends of the petals to make the flower smaller, and I just trimmed and trimmed until three flowers fit inside the card…

The other layers of card base, being white, were simple to de-gut.  Nothing like that glitter paper (that I’ll never die cut again)….The card takes a little bit of patience during the construction phase, but luckily turned out great.  I haven’t found a case that would hold it yet….so I haven’t been able to include it in the box of goodies I’m sending the bride and groom.

Today, Rich and I worked on the set of 60 watercolor paints that Arteza sent me in tubes.  I know absolutely nothing about how to use tubes, or what to squirt them into, so I emailed Lindsay, the frugal crafter, and she gave me all I needed to know to make it work.  She said I needed to add some glycerin or honey to each color and stir them together really well, or they will crack and fall out of the plastic box I transferred them into.  I bought one of those toothpaste squeezers that make sure the tubes are completely empty…here’s what they look like.  squeezer.jpg   It worked well until you get down to the ridge before the opening, and I couldn’t figure out how to get the rest of the paint out, so stuck my paintbrush inside the opening and used that for my swatches.  You can call me MacGyver, I just didn’t want to waste that paint….and taking out a paintbrush full didn’t really make a difference, but somehow I felt like it did.

We only managed to finish the first thirty tubes as Honey was really agitated while we were doing it….so we’ll save the rest for another day.

We’re supposed to have thunderstorms throughout the day today, so I can’t get very involved in anything, as Honey can’t handle thunder, and we’ll need to go to the basement and watch television, making sure the door to the upstairs is shut, so Honey doesn’t hear thunder or see flashes.  It’s not easy being an anxious dog.

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