Big news (for me)….I broke one of my nails, so cut all of them.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to type and do things I almost had to give up with those nails.  I’m not sure why women go to the time and expense of having nail tips or acrylics put on, as that would drive me crazy….for a number of reasons.

  1.  I’m too impatient to wait while they do them, or while they “fill” them after they’ve grown out.
  2.  The one time I had my thumbnail fixed, it was so thick and the smell was terrible…I can’t imagine the women that work there don’t get sick from it.
  3.  I don’t know if they’ve changed things, but when you pull off those nails, it almost destroys the nail underneath.
  4.  My girlfriend says she’s having the powder nail polish put on and it’s about $60 a visit, and it takes forever to get the nail polish off.  (See item #1)..  With the above as my reasons, I’d never consider having long nails if they didn’t happen naturally, and of course, the only reason I have long nails (most of the time), is because I don’t do anything seriously physical to break them…I talked to a woman in the Dollar Tree who said her mother-in-law has gel added to her nails and her nails are each over an inch long (from the tip)….Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to do one single thing with nails like that.  I’d have to lay around and point at things….That’s the extent of my skill set if I ever had really long nails.  Heck, I couldn’t even turn a door knob if I had nails like that.  And this will seem strange, but how does she wash her hair? These are the things I think about when I don’t have much to do.

Today, Rich went to kill some skeet…He’s been shooting for the past couple of years and really enjoys it…If you’ve never seen skeet, they are round ceramic type pucks…here’s a video if you’d like to learn more.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RNgyPIYqTI

I decided since Rich was going to be gone, I’d catch up on sending cards, writing notes for videos that need uploaded, and hang with the dogs.  After all, it’s over 90 degrees, so who wants to be outside?

I am easily distracted, as some of you know….I started writing notes on a video, then realized the last short clip, I was partially out of frame, so decided to redo that portion of the video.  I went to my craft room, did the small clip, then started thinking about blending tools, and how people love those Life Changing Brushes that most of us buy on Aliexpress.  I wondered if cardstock made a difference in results, or if ink made a difference, and ended up making a video comparing five different blending tools, and three different card stock and four or five different techniques, so the viewer would be able to see which tools work best with Oxide inks, which work best with stencils, etc.  By the time I was finished (there’s no air conditioning in my craft room), I was sweating profusely and decided I should have stuck to the initial game plan of just hanging around….So I’m back in the sunroom, hanging with the dogs, and have pretty much done none of the things I’d originally planned….I am some kind of planner, aren’t I?

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