I mailed the cards I mentioned yesterday….and feel so good about myself.  I think I sent twelve cards, and probably owed a few more.  (I really hope I didn’t forget to send some…I probably did…and that will make me fret, and I hate to fret….but do it anyway..)

My college roommate and I talked on the phone last night.  We try to talk a few times a year, as she lives in Atlanta,  and see each other at least once a year.  We met our freshman year when we both had other roommates and connected right away.  There is something so easy about talking to her, and I’m glad we’ve never lost that.  She said she was talking to one of our friends, and they told her about my YouTube channel.  I thought we’d talked about it before, but she said we hadn’t…She said she watched some of my videos and she really enjoyed them.  I’m not good at taking compliments (and she knows that), and she said, “Just take the compliment.”  I love that she knows me that well…that’s 42 years of friendship for you..

After dropping off the mail, Rich and I went to Joann’s, (he stayed in the car), and I found some raw wood birdhouses that were kind of ugly, shaped like an arrow (weird) or a cup of coffee (even more odd), and I decided Rich could just take his saw and trim the arrow to a rectangle shape, and that would be a lot easier for me to cover with whatever, paint, napkins, etc.  I bought two of them and will refinish one off camera and one on-camera.

And then I saw small apothecary bottles made by Tim Holtz that gave me another idea for our nephew’s wedding.  I was thinking if I bought small bottles with corks, not the ones I mentioned, as they are an amber color….that I could have people write a wish for the bride and groom and then I’d put the wishes into the shadow box frame I’m having made for them with some sand and sea shells, since they’re getting married in an aquarium.  I thought it would be sweet and I hope they think so too… My girlfriend collects sea glass, and I thought I’d put a few tiny pieces in each bottle.  I found the bottles on Amazon for under $10 for 36 of them….the wedding is small, only fifty people coming, so 36 should be more than enough, as I doubt both a husband and wife would want to make their own individual wish…and if they do, they can put both in the same bottle…I’m buying a quilling tool, so the bride and groom can stick the tool into the top of the bottle and attach it to the paper, spin it, and easily remove the paper from the bottle….Thought of that all by myself, aren’t you surprised?


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