I haven’t been sleeping well, as my mind doesn’t seem to want to shut down, so have been busy buying things for my nephew’s wedding in September.  I can’t tell you how excited both Rich and I are for the big day, and the closer it gets, the more ideas I get..

My latest idea I probably already talked about..I’m going to make a personalized memory box frame and inside will be seashells, and sand, and now, the newest plan, is to add corked bottles with guests wishes for the couple inside the bottles..

I had to really think this through, because once you put a slip of paper in a small bottle, how do you get it back out without breaking it?  So I bought bottles with a larger opening, and a quilling tool that will roll the papers into a thin circle, to allow it to be retrieved.  But then I started thinking about the guests having to write on the slips of paper, and how would I handle the pen situation….So I went on Aliexpress and was able to buy fifty (the number of guests) personalized metal pens with felt cases to slip them into, for under $30….I thought it was a bargain….and I could get them in the color metal I wanted with the font I wanted.   I decided I’d leave the pens inside the case with a long strip of paper that I’ll stamp hearts or something aquarium themed on the end, and add instructions to the front of the pen case on what they were supposed to do…Keep the pen, but not the bottle….Put the wish into the bottle and cork it, then take the bottle and place it in the basket that’s on the guest book table….something like that…If you can think of another way to explain things to the guests, I’d appreciate it, given that they aren’t have a band or DJ to make announcements….and since there are only fifty people (including the wedding party), it shouldn’t be really complicated, but Rich is looking for me to help him with the photography….We thought one of their friends was going to take photos with Rich, but she’s a bridesmaid and it won’t work for her to be in two places at once, and Rich wants to be his own boss for the event, and that means I’ll be his labor force…he chose badly with that one…I can’t even carry his camera, it’s so heavy…

My nephew is excited about the idea and he gave me input for the personalization.  I hope the pen is a nice keepsake for the wedding guests…..Let’s cross our fingers on it, and I’ll be sure to include a photo of one when I get them…..Yay!  This is so exciting….

Oh, and one last thing, the bride wants a photo of their (very small) dog Oliver, with them in their wedding clothes, so I bought a tiny matching bow tie for it.OK, a few, because they were under a dollar and I didn’t know what color they’d want him to wear….And now all we have to do is work out the logistics of getting them and their dog in the same space, as the dog isn’t allowed in the aquarium….


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