Rich and I went to a movie and out to lunch with friends yesterday.. We saw Hobbs and Shaw, a spin-off of the Fast and Furious movies, with the Rock and Jason Statham.  I’ll say this much,  it was long.  Over two hours and fifteen minutes long…If you read my blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed a trend in the movies we watch.  They’re almost always action or super hero movies, and this one took action to a whole new level.  It wasn’t enough that they drove vehicles through buildings, they had to include a whole action sequence in Samoa using ancient weaponry, (mainly clubs and carved knives.)  My favorite part of the movie was when the Rock was trying to keep a helicopter attached to a tow truck, and the chain slipped off, so he “single handedly” held onto the chain, thus pulling the moving helicopter close enough to re-attach the chain..Possible?  Seriously?  They may have lost me then, or it might have been an earlier action sequence, when he stuck his arm out the window of the vehicle he was driving, and knocked a man off his motorcycle driving toward him by straight arming him…I’m pretty sure the force would have ripped his arm off, but then again, I don’t make movies, so clearly have no idea what I’m talking about.  I think they are trying too hard to take action movies to a whole new level of unbelievable, and unfortunately for me, it was just unbelievable.  Maybe they should step back and think about the feasibility of some of these stunts before making them with CGI…They’re so ridiculous, I just shake my head.  Of course Rich and the other man we see movies with, thought the action scenes were great….but thankfully they did agree the movie was super long….although not as long as the movie we saw last week with Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt…Those are three hours I’ll never get back.  I’ve heard they might be nominating one of them for an Academy Award for that movie…Can you win an Oscar for the world’s worst movie if your acting is good?  Seems like that’s almost cheating.

Today I went to garage sales with my girlfriend and her grandson, whose thirteen.  I give the kid credit,  he really stuck it out.  I think at fourteen, I would have thrown in the towel when we went to the first estate sale in a house that hadn’t been aired out in a few decades.  He kept asking “what’s that smell?”  We didn’t answer because we weren’t really sure….and that’s pretty gross.  We made a fast exit but the smell seemed to remain in our noses….Yuck.

This afternoon, Rich and I went to a car show they have in our downtown area once a year.  I thought it was running later in the afternoon, and by the time we got there, maybe ten cars were left.  But luckily, the food vendors were still there, so we bought a lot of “fair food” (french fries, wings, etc) and it was really tasty.  Probably not good for us, but it was worth it.  And you don’t really need to see a bunch of old cars is your stomach is full…you really just want to take a nap instead…So that’s what I’ll be doing next.


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