Rich belongs to a shooting club (for skeet), and every year, they have a family day, where they invite the community to bring the entire family for walks through the woods, gun instruction and demonstrations, and all monies raised go toward the Boy Scouts and to promote gun safety.  They have a large food concession stand, and that’s the most important area (for me.)  The women make a lot of baked goods and sell them, as well as serving typical “fair foods.”  Hot dogs, hot sausage sandwiches, etc.

My girlfriend works with the hot dogs/hot sausage sandwiches, and that’s where I’ve volunteered the last two years (since Rich has been a member.)  Last year, the women were really leery of the “new girl” and watched me closely, to make sure I wasn’t eating all of the profits…OK, I’m not sure why they watched me, but they did.  This year, apparently I’d passed the test, as they were happy to have me helping, and the woman in charge actually assigned me the task of making sure the hot sausage was kept at the right temperature.

She asked me if I’d helped around food before, and I have, but when she gave me the meat thermometer, she never gave me any instructions, other than how warm the meat needed to be.  Before I could ask her anything, she was gone.

My personal thermometer (that sounds a little bit possessive, but we’ll go with it)  is a pokey metal piece with the gauge, and that’s it.  The one the lady handed me had what looked like a straw where the pointy metal piece would be.  I asked my girlfriend how to use it, and she said, just poke it into the sausage…that didn’t sound right because of the straw surrounding the metal, but I went with it…Of course the temperature was no where near where it was supposed to be, and I kept trying, and getting the same results.  And we were getting chunks of sausage inside the straw, and that also sounded a bit iffy.  Luckily, another lady that volunteers there, walked by and we told her about the problems we were having, and she said “did you take this piece off?”  (as she pulled the straw holder off.)   I sometimes feel pretty dumb, but this was beyond dumb.  I couldn’t believe we were supposed to take the straw-like piece off, and thought my girlfriend had a clue, when clearly, she didn’t….I’m just lucky the woman in charge didn’t see us poking sausages like idiots….or see any of the sausages with big gouges out of them…Do these things only happen to me?  It sometimes feels like they do…

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