I’ve been working on a lunch box that I bought at a thrift store for 49 cents.  It had a weird Japanese inspired design on it, and I wanted to repurpose it to hold my nail polishes.  It was white with a red and black pattern, so I spray painted it with a deep beige color…of course I’m not very skilled at using spray paint, and ended up with a bunch of paint runs that didn’t look great.  I decided I’d cover the lunch box with a napkin, or a couple of napkin patterns.  The top of the box has a rose pattern, and I’m not sure what I’ll do with the sides and the bottom, as they aren’t looking really good right now, with the paint runs so obvious.  Tomorrow I’m going to look at the rest of my napkin collection and see if I can find some that are simple but that will match the rose pattern (the background color)…I think the lunch box will look a lot better if I can find two napkin patterns that coordinate with each other….so far, I haven’t been very lucky finding them.

I had ordered five dresses from an online store called Shein.com for my nephew’s wedding…Their prices are really low, and since I’ll only be wearing the dress once, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it…They had all arrived in the last couple of days, so I decided to try them on today.  I really liked one of them and the rest I’ll be returning….but it’s a great relief to find one I like…

It started raining about 1PM and by 3PM, Honey, Bella and I were in the basement, riding out the thunderstorm watching old movies.  OK, not old, but not new…We, the dogs and I, watched Notting Hill…Nothing like a Julia Roberts movie to get us through a thunderstorm.  I think the weather front has stalled over us, as my arthritis doesn’t want me to do anything but sleep and watch television.  I’m glad I have the luxury to be able to do both, as I don’t think I’m equipped for much more.

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