Art Journal Pages Using Arteza Paint Markers + Discount, Pages 9 & 10

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Glitter Gel Ink Pens – Set of 14:

Professional Watercolour Pencils – Set of 72:

Paint Markers – Set of 20:


Glitter Gel Ink Pens – Set of 14:

Professional Watercolour Pencils – Set of 72:

Paint Markers – Set of 20:

In this video, I wanted to use the Arteza set of 20 paint markers. As a recap, I really liked these markers, and think they are perfect for a project like this. I liked the colors and their ease of use.

The instructions tell you to open the markers and press the nib down on a surface three times to get the ink moving. I found this to be insufficient to get the ink moving, so kept pressing them on a scrap paper until they started moving.  You can see the ink work its way down the nib until it starts to stain the paper, then it’s ready to be used.

The stamps I used were a gift from a viewer and she couldn’t remember the name or maker of the sets. They appear to be thinner than US made stamps, so if you like them, you might want to check on Aliexpress to see if you can find them there.

I started the project by using spray Krylon Gesso on the pages of my journal to cover the pictures beneath. link:

I used Ranger Archival inks that I bought in small sets from’s the link to one of the sets I bought.

I stamped the flowers in brown archival inks and the leaves in Potting Soil, and the green leaves in two colors, Library Green and Leaf Green.

I took round stickers from the Dollar Tree and swatched the paint markers onto a sticker and attached the round sticker to the back end of the markers so I’d know exactly what colors I was dealing with. When I was off screen, I cut the circles to fit the bottom of the marker.

I stamped all of the images across both pages of my journal and then painted each flower. I tried to paint similar images with the same paint markers.

After coloring the flowers and leaves, I used the white paint marker to add accents, and some of those had to be done more than once, as the under color bled through the white. It’s really clear with the red floral images.

I added some dragonflies to the top section as well as a couple of sentiments from the same stamp sets I’ve been using and used Potting Soil Ranger Archival ink for the stamping. I bought a Baren from to be able to have leverage when stamping a large image. link:

I used Distress Oxide in Faded Jeans and used the Ranger mini blending tool and rubbed the surface with my finger to remove any lines from the edges of the foam applicator to color the whole background of the pages once the paint marker was dry…and that only took a moment or two…

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