It was almost 90 degrees today, so of course I decided this evening would be the perfect time to go to our county fair.  It was so muddy from all the rains we’ve had, and the mud smelled more like sewer than mud, so parking the car wasn’t easy.  We were trying to make sure we didn’t get stuck, and at the same time, park somewhere that we could actually get out of the car and into the fair, rather than park and not be able to navigate past the car, since the mud was so thick.

We walked around a little bit and ate supper at a chicken barbecue that I love.  They have a covered tent, but definitely needed a huge fan to cool off the crowd.  We met my girlfriend and her family and watched her daughter showing her goat, and that was so horribly hot, plus the air was gritty from the sawdust they use for the animals, that you felt like you had a layer of dirt all over you when you left.   We decided we needed to get some dessert type snacks, and found our favorite maple cotton candy, (don’t knock it if you’ve never tried it,) and later, a dough-boy.

We went to see the photographs that people entered and by the time we’d seen half of them, I was covered in sweat and gave up looking….we sat outside for a little bit, and saw the bunny barn, that they keep cooler, so the rabbits get enough air, and then decided it was time to leave.  By then, I swear I was the only person covered head to toe in sweat…and felt like a sauna…I was so glad to get home and changed into a dry outfit and called it a day..

One great thing happened at the fair…we ran into a good friend of my sister’s that’s going to our nephew’s wedding, and is driving down, so we asked if we could put some things in her car since we’re flying, and she agreed…You have no idea the stress that took off my shoulders, as we’re transporting so much camera equipment, and wedding decorations, I don’t know if we’ll have room in our luggage for clothes…At least now I won’t have to worry…I’ll be wearing clothes, and not the same outfit for all five days….what a relief.

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