I really wanted to accomplish some things for videos today, but we had thunderstorms on and off all day.  By around 6PM, the storm was so bad, Bella and I joined Rich and Honey in the basement.  Most storms don’t worry Bella, but the wind was blowing so hard, our awning that’s over 20 feet long and 15 feet wide, was flapping like it was going to tear off the poles it’s attached to.  I think it was a safe assumption that we were better off in the basement.  This week is our annual county fair, and it brings a lot of people to the area.  Over the years, there have been all kinds of freak accidents, including lightning strikes that have killed people, and since we live about 1/4 mile from the fair, I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough places for people to take cover.  There are tons of small RV’s and pull trailers there for families with 4H animals, and I wondered if those are prone to be struck by lightning.  I took the family recipe book and the recipes I use often that I wanted to put in it (for our nephew’s wedding), and wrote a bunch of recipes.  I laugh when I read what I originally write on recipe cards, as one said I was going to use 1 lb of soy sauce….I’m pretty sure it was supposed to read 1TBSP., and hope that’s right, because that’s what their recipe card says.

Overnight, Honey was whining to go outside a lot more than normal, and by this morning, she’d gone out five times in two hours.  If you ever have a dog that does that (to pee), they probably have a urinary tract infection.  Honey was laying beside Rich on our bed and he checked her hair (since it’s almost white) and found blood, so I called the vet to get her in, and they said they’d have an appointment available on Thursday….Thursday?  I wasn’t sure what to say, so I asked if we could bring in a urine sample and they said sure.  If you’ve ever tried to get a urine sample from a dog, it’s not easy….I asked them how they recommended we do that, and they said to slide a disposable pie pan under her.  I’m absolutely sure that will never work, and have no idea what will…I know we tried it with another of our dogs with a UTI, and ended up having to have the vet retrieve the urine.

I wish you could have seen Rich, Honey and the pie pan.  All he had to do is get the leash, and once he tried to clip it to Honey, she started to pie from anxiety, (on our carpet,) and luckily, Rich caught enough to make it count.  I was impressed and giggling to myself, as he looked so frazzled, but was cool under pressure…that’s my Rich.  Honey on the other hand, is still anxious, as now Rich is leaving and Honey is whining.  I think we’ll go to the bedroom and watch television, as that’s her other “safe” place.  If she’s on the bed, she normally is pretty calm, but with her not feeling well, I’m not sure if that will calm her.  It’s hard being an anxious dog and even worse, when she doesn’t feel well, it amps up the anxiety.  Poor thing.


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