Went to a bunch of garage sales today and spent a total of $1.25…some days you just don’t find anything worth buying…Then read a book this afternoon by Steven James, called
“The Rook”, about an FBI profiler.  It’s the second in a series, and the first was much better..The first was called “The Pawn,” if you like those kinds of books.  I was so excited to start the second in the series after reading the first, but sometimes the author gives everything to the first book, and doesn’t have much left for the second..  I was disappointed that it wasn’t more exciting, and found myself dosing through parts of it…bummer.

Decided I needed to clean the craft room and finish a card I’ve been working on for quite some time.  It’s not that the card is difficult to make, it’s more that I forgot about it.  How crazy is that?  I was looking at a memory card to make sure I uploaded my sister’s corsage video, then realized I was out of frame so much, I couldn’t put it up…and found the video for this other card….I’m losing my mind, I’m pretty sure.  I finished the card and its corresponding video, in frame, hard to believe.

Rich and I went out for a late dinner with friends and I have to say, I think some of these things only happen to me.  We were having Italian food at a really nice restaurant and the waiter asked if I wanted grated cheese on my eggplant parmigiana.    I said, “Sure” and he started cranking the wheel that grates the cheese…All of a sudden, a bigger piece of cheese fell out of the grater and into my iced tea.  The waiter looked at it and said something, I’m not sure what, then picked up my spoon, pulled an ice cube out of my iced tea, sat the ice cube on the table, and said “Good enough” and walked away.  No one returned with a new iced tea, and the piece of cheese continued to bob around in my glass.  I thought it was funny, but our friends were a little embarrassed.   I take these kinds of things in stride, because they happen to me so often.  I’m not sure if I told you the story about the last time we went to this same restaurant, last week.  Rich and our friends (thankfully not the same couple) were seated, and I went to the restroom, and made it to the table probably two minutes after Rich.  The waiter walked up to the table (also not the same waiter), and said to me “Is there something wrong with your hands?”  I immediately wondered if he was talking about my arthritis, and from the way Rich stiffened, I knew that’s what he thought…In the next breath, the waiter said…”You could have called, you know,”  referring to the fact that I was later than the rest of my party.  I know I turned all shades of red, and Rich said if the waiter hadn’t said the right thing after mentioning my hands, that Rich felt the need to do something drastic.  Maybe we shouldn’t go to that restaurant…possibly that’s the issue…


2 thoughts on “8/30-8/31/2019

    1. We’ve been going to this restaurant for literally, forty years….first time these things have happened. I guess I should have said something about the cheese, but just couldn’t.. My mom was one of those people that always announced that things were cold, or her coffee wasn’t refilled often enough, etc. so I’ve always been a little bit uncomfortable about taking a stand. You’re right though, I think we will find other restaurants to see if any of the same issues happen at those…but to be honest, we only have a couple of decent restaurants here, most are chains..Thanks for the good advice.


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