I have been continuing to work on wedding things.  I might make a video to show the end results, as I didn’t video many of the projects.  I bought a very inexpensive rose covered band with a veil attached for the bride to wear to the rehearsal dinner.  My sister thought it would be fun for the bride and groom to have something fun and bridal to wear to the dinner.  I bought my nephew a long black tie (thinking it would match anything) with LED lights that surround the outline of the tie.  The LED lights weren’t sewn on properly and stopped about two inches from the top left side of the tie, so I had to fix it by pulling on it gently and sewing it to the tie.  If I was smart, and clearly I am not, I would have used a clear fishing line to sew it to the tie with, but for some reason, I thought the tie is black, so I should use black thread….not thinking that once the lights are on, you’ll be able to see the thread….bottom line, you can see the thread and I decided not to fix it…I probably should have, but just didn’t have the fishing line or the inclination to do so..(call me lazy)….The veil with roses, on the other hand, were pretty, but the roses were spartan and needed something…I found out that the bride and groom are wearing navy blue for the rehearsal dinner, so obviously the tie isn’t going to look great, so I wanted the bride to match her clothes to make up for it.  I colored flowers navy blue with alcohol markers and added some glitter covered white flowers I used in my sister’s corsage.  In the end, the bride’s headpiece for the rehearsal dinner is going to be really lovely, and I’m proud of it, and it will make up for my nephew’s sad LED tie….I did glue a starfish to his tie, though, to include the wedding theme.

I’ve also been working on the gifts I’m making for the guests.  I had Rich print hearts with instructions for the gift.  I’m asking guests to write a wish for the bride and groom and put the wish in a blue bowl I’ll be providing…The pen will be the gift to the guests…it has the bride and groom’s names on it, as well as their wedding date.  I’ll put the wishes into small bottles that contain sea glass and have a cork closure, so they can read the wishes at a later date.  I’m putting the bottles into a personalized shadow box frame and will use it as a decoration during the reception.  Once I printed enough hearts for the guests at the wedding, I realized that the color I chose clashed with the pens, so started over.  I used white-out to remove the black surround of the heart, and then die cut each heart individually.  I used a larger heart die and patterned paper to create a background for the white hearts, then before I glued them together, I distressed the edges of both papers with a coral color ink.  The bride likes the color coral, and it doesn’t clash with the blue pens.  You’d think I’d have blue patterned paper to match the pens, but sadly, it’s an odd color blue, and I just couldn’t make it work, and didn’t want to buy more paper, since I have too much already.

Yesterday, we went to lunch and a movie with friends.  The restaurant wasn’t the same as the last one I talked about, but the experience was kind of similar.  This particular restaurant has chosen not to use straws unless you ask for them.  I struggle lifting a large glass full of liquids, so normally use plastic, so I don’t have to use a straw.  But when I’m in a restaurant and they give me a huge glass, I have to ask for a straw, so I did.  The waitress came over with a straw (unwrapped) in her hand.  She was holding it about an inch from the top, and for some reason that really grossed me out.  Does it bother anyone else?  I’d love to know how you feel about it.  We ordered our meals, and I usually order something smaller, to save room for popcorn (I have my priorities in order, clearly…) and decided to have the soup of the day.  Rich and our friends ordered a sandwich that’s called a wedge…It’s made by using pizza crust cut in two wedge shape (for the top and bottom) and is like a submarine sandwich, with the exception of the crust.  Normally, Rich loves this sandwich, and for some reason, our order took a long time to get to us.  Our friends ordered an appetizer that never came, and when our food came, Rich’s sandwich was hot, but our friend’s was cold and the bottom had turned mushy from the wait…My soup wasn’t even lukewarm, but tasted good.  I think I said this when I talked about the last bad restaurant experience….I don’t say anything negative in restaurants, as I grew up with my mother complaining often and, mainly about cold food….I guess I find it embarrassing.  I don’t care if others in our party say something, Rich and I just don’t.

I think what happened, was the cook/chef only saw one sandwich, so only made one, and then when it was time to bring the food to us, the waitress must have brought it to his attention, so the rest of the food just sat there, while they made the other sandwich.  It was clearly long enough that their sandwich bottom couldn’t be eaten without a fork and knife, and my soup, well, I already told you….was cold.   Maybe I’m cursed, since this is three separate meals at two different restaurants, and all note worthy.  On the other hand, it does give me some funny stories to share with all of you.

The movie was one our friends chose, called “Good Boys.”  Rich said it was PG rated, and it (in the trailers) looked like a funny movie about preteen boys.  I’m not a prude,  but I think if someone took their kids to it, they would have a lot of explaining to do after the movie.  They had so many sex toys, and a large variety of them, that it was unreal.  The boys used the “F” word a lot.  If I had to guess, I’d say at least thirty to forty times in the movie, and maybe more.  It was at some point, uncomfortable to watch.  Maybe that was the point, and, I wish we hadn’t wasted the money to see it.  We talked about the movie when we were leaving, and said it would be a difficult movie to watch with your teens’ or preteens, or worse, on a date.  And after writing and reading this, I’ve decided, I’m definitely getting old.  Or am old, whichever way you want to look at it…

2 thoughts on “9/2-9/4/2019

  1. Yikes, Sandy! You had a really bad outing. It’s so disappointing to pay for a meal and entertainment and have it turn out unappetizing and embarrassing to watch. Hope the popcorn made up for it. 🙂


  2. If you read the post before this one, the last restaurant experience was so much worse….I had to laugh when the cheese grater threw cheese into my iced tea and then the waiter used my spoon, pulled out a piece of ice, threw it on the table, and said good enough….crazy how these things happen to me…And both of these restaurants are not inexpensive, so you’d assume they’d try harder than this….
    Now I’m on full fret about the wedding on the 21st…the hurricane is supposed to hit there tomorrow…I really hope it doesn’t do a lot of damage, as my nephew deserves a nice wedding, or any wedding for that matter….I’m so sad for him..


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