Yesterday I spent the day interviewing Thiel accounting students for their upcoming “real” interviews.  Accountants are hired in the fall and sometimes start during tax season to take some of the burden off the existing accountants.  That’s when I had my internship and decided accounting wasn’t for me.  I need to have constant interaction with people, and like to have variety in my job, and doing taxes non-stop twelve or more hours every day during tax season, just wasn’t for me.  These students are really motivated and it’s exciting to see them looking forward to their jobs.  I’ll bet in five years they wish they were still in college, as once you start working, there isn’t a ton of fun to be had…

Today I finished the gifts for the people attending my nephew’s wedding, and finished the three videos to show you the variety of things I’ve made.  I think I’ll do one more wrap-up video, showing some things that didn’t make it into videos so far.  Next Wednesday we leave for North Carolina, and I’m looking forward to seeing my family and watching my nephew get married…

In the meantime, Rich took Bella to the vet and I had Honey…She wasn’t thrilled about not having Bella or Rich nearby, so she whined and ran up and down the hall, whining with no end in sight.  The vet had just given us “emergency” anxiety medicine, to be used when a sudden “scary event” happened to Honey.  The vet said to give her half of a pill to start, to make sure she wasn’t over medicated.  So I gave her half a pill and when Rich came home, I asked him if he saw any difference in Honey, and he said no….Naturally, one-half of a pill was like eating candy for her..It had no impact whatsoever.  We’re going to have a thunderstorm this afternoon and I’m wondering if I should try and give her a whole tablet to see if that helps at all.  It’s sad to see the amount of anxiety she has..

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