I accomplished so much today for my nephew’s wedding.  The shadow box is done, and the pen gifts for all of the guests are almost finished.  I’m making a video to show how I made the pen gifts and showing the rest of the things I’ve made for the wedding.  I don’t know if I have much left to do for the wedding, other than try on my dress and make sure it fits.  I can’t imagine how relieved I’ll feel once I’ve finished everything.

Tomorrow I’m going to our alma mater, Thiel College, to interview the graduating accounting majors, as they will be given their job offers by the end of the fall term.  If you have never heard of Thiel College, I’m not surprised….It’s just a small liberal arts college in Greenville, PA…I’m not sure why, but Coca-Cola has decided to make Thiel’s football team the focus of their fall advertising campaign.  I can’t imagine what lead them to our school, but I’m glad they found it.  The ad is a spoof on our football team, and to be honest, the team is not good, and hasn’t been good for several years.  About ten years ago, they were one game away from being national champions, and now they’re a joke for Coke.  Rich was captain of our team when he was a senior and the ad campaign really bothers him.  He feels it makes the school look like a joke.  I’m of the opinion that any publicity is good, and having Coke use your college’s name in all of their fall ads, isn’t a bad thing.  I think it will bring a lot of potential students to the school, and hopefully, we see a big increase in incoming freshmen next year.

So I hope if you see the ad, you’ll know that Rich and I love Thiel and hope we can find one of their bottles with our college’s mascot, the Tomcat, on it.  It reminds us of four years that were the best of our lives.

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