I haven’t been in my craft room since getting back from the wedding, and frankly, haven’t had much ambition to accomplish much.  Today is the day that’s all going to change.  I have to make several cards, and at least two videos.  I want to do a haul of the things I bought when we toured Brutus Monroe, and I need to send them a thank-you card for their kindness.  I also have several cards I need to make for friends, and am behind on trying new techniques, so will be attempting to do that as well.

I apologize for being out of the loop on social media and hope you’ll understand that the wedding and travel, plus getting home to a neurotic dog….took a lot out of us.

Rich is scheduled to have his hip replaced on October 31st, so I need to get as much done before that as possible….so that’s my plan.  I’m going to get serious about videos that need made and cards that are overdue to friends and family.

I’ve been spending time reading and resting, and now it’s time for action….Did that sound sincere?  I hope so…At least I hope I can convince myself to get serious about it….


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