I thought I’d recap my crafty tales from yesterday….I went to my craft room immediately after writing the blog and decided to do a haul video that will work along side the Brutus Monroe field trip Rich and I took.  I think the haul video went well, and after, decided to make our great niece a Halloween card (she’s a freshman in college.)  One of the things I bought from Brutus Monroe was a small stamp set of a candy corn vampire.  I tried to upload the stamp image from their website, but I kept getting an error, so used this image from Nubble Light Designs facebook page.  I hope they don’t mind.


I made the front of the card, and then decided it was time to include the “Bite Me” stamp, and couldn’t find it….anywhere.  I spent two hours looking for it.  I know it’s crazy and I should have thrown in the towel at least an hour before I did, but I was committed.  I went back to look again after dinner, thinking it couldn’t have gone very far, and still couldn’t find it…but moved a few things around on my desk, including one of the lights that sits there.  Before I went to bed, I dragged Rich into the craft room and showed him the progress I’d made on the card and looked down on my desk, and there it was….directly where I’d looked, only this time, the base of the Ott light no longer hid it.  I was so mad…so much wasted time and energy..

I did accomplish a little more in the craft room between searches.  I wanted to make some sympathy cards for friends who’ve lost their thirty-five year old brother.  I am finishing those cards today, and they’re watercolored dahlias.  I think they will look good once I’ve finished them…so far, I’ve watercolored the dahlias, but haven’t come up with a base or what I want to appear as the background.  The dahlias are really large, so I won’t need to put much more on the card front.  I just need to get back in the craft room and finish them.  It’s all about staying on task, and once I spend so much wasted time searching for something, I get so frustrated that I’m not worth much (in a crafty sense.)

I hope today has a different end result.

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