I am excited that Rich is finally uploading and editing the visit we made to the Brutus Monroe store in Pittsburgh.  I’m sorry it’s taken us a few weeks to get it up and running.

Today we went out to lunch with a friend and after lunch I started thinking about a crafty idea I’d like to try.  I have been chewing Tic Tac Spearmint Gum for the dry mouth I have from my arthritis.  It’s one of those side benefits to the disease that I didn’t have until about five years ago…and it’s SUPER frustrating…I’ve tried every over-the-counter product that my dentist and rheumatologist could come up with, as well as a couple prescriptions…Nothing has helped except (for some unknown reason) Tic Tac Spearmint Gum.  You probably can’t imagine the number of containers I’ve purchased in the last few month, since discovering the benefits of this gum….And, although we recycle, I still am a little bit upset by the amount of waste I’m creating from it.  So I started thinking about what kind of craft project I could make and what the container would be good for, and I’ve decided it would make a great pill container.  Obviously it’s not big enough to carry a weeks’ worth of medicines, but for those of us that like to have some Ibuprofen on hand for headaches, muscles aches, etc., I think it will work perfectly for that.  So then I started to think about what to cover it with.  Initially, I thought material would work well…then I changed my mind, and thought covering it with napkins was the answer, and now, I’m thinking about painting it white and then stamping and painting the stamped image…or using layered stamps and Archival inks to create an image that should last.  Obviously, I’ll need to either put Mod Podge over the finished project, or a spray that will seal the image…but that’s my plan.  I’m going to get busy with it tomorrow, and I’ll let you know how it goes…

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