Brutus Monroe Store Visit, Pittsburgh, PA…Come Shopping With Us!

Rich and I visited the Brutus Monroe Store located at 1000 Greentree Rd., Pittsburgh PA 15220.  Christopher Allen is the owner of Brutus Monroe, and he graciously took the time to talk to us. His director of operations, Heather, walked us through the store, detailed the history of their business, and was a great source of information. If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about Brutus Monroe products, Heather has the answers…
Here’s a link to their website:                                    The telephone number for the store is Phone: 412-892-9511
Hours of operation: M-F 10-6PM Sat & Sun Closed
Questions email to:
Chat feature on their website is live during hours of operation (Bottom right corner of the screen)

Products discussed and used:                                                                                      Embossing powder–If you want to create the same purple / glitter embossing powder that I made, you can contact Heather, and she’ll help you out.  Phone 412-892-9511  Magic Powder Bag link:                                                     Round acrylic block link:
Sunshine Sunflower stamp link:
Raven embossing powder (black) link:
Alabaster embossing powder (white) link:
Heat tool: (not the one used in the video, but the one Brutus Monroe sells…link:
Embossing powder of the month:
Glitter cardstock link:
Easy Cut Adhesive Sheets link:
Deco Foil Purple Tape link:
Pixie Spray link:
Stencil Pal link:
Squeaky Clean link:
Pre Printed Card Panels link:
Aqua Pigments link:
Aqua Pigment of the month club link:
Night Shifting Aqua Pigments link:
Skin Color Aqua Pigments: I couldn’t find these in their online store, so please call the store and ask for Heather if you are interested…Phone 412-892-9511
Aqua Pigment Paper link:
Surface spray link:
Monthly subscription boxes link:
Pear Blossom Studios EZ Lights set of 3 link (create lighted cards):
Cargo sleeves link:
Stencil Club link:
Glitter Glaze link:
Media Mat link:
MISTI tools link:
Fussy Cutting Scissor links:
Foam Tape link:
Laser cuts link: there are three pages to this link
Glitter Glue:
Brutus Monroe shirts link:
Ruler link:

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Brutus Monroe, and will share my purchases in an upcoming video..Thanks Heather and Christopher, for taking the time to show me your store.  

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