Saturday was our college’s homecoming, and a lot of my girlfriends decided to go.  It was great seeing everyone and as usual, our football team lost by a lot.  If you haven’t seen the Thiel College/Coca-Cola football commercial about how bad they are, that’s our college alma mater.  Rich decided he would put something on facebook to tell a different story..He asked the mascot to have his photo taken with Rich and one of our college friends (who also played football for Thiel.)  Here’s Rich’s post.

Despite what the Thiel/Coca-Cola commercial says, Carl Finkbeiner and I can confirm that the mascot DOES NOT have his costume on backwards.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Carl Finkbeiner, people smiling, people standing, shoes, sky, tree and outdoor

Rich is the one on the right (if you didn’t know.)

We had a nice day, when it was time to go, I decided to walk up a huge hill to leave the stadium.  Carl walked with Rich and me, and I felt so stupid, as halfway up the hill, I was doubled over and out of breath…Yep, that’s me, the girl that’s so out of shape, she can’t walk up a hill.  Rich wanted to bring the car to me, but I said “No, I’ll be fine.”  OK, I could barely walk all the way to the car, and then on Sunday, I had a bunch of plans to work on some Halloween projects, and was so sore, I didn’t even get dressed.  I’m embarrassed that I hurt so badly, and it was all my fault…or maybe it was my wounded pride…but I am happy I didn’t just throw myself on the sidewalk and give up…That’s one point for me.

Last night, Bella started whining that she needed to go outside repeatedly, and if you’ll remember, Honey had a UTI twice in the last two months, and now Bella has one.  I’m not sure what’s causing them, and $340 later. we had a prescription and not much else.  The vet wanted to do all kinds of blood work, and send the urine out for a culture after telling Rich it was a very common UTI….he also did some kind of ultrasound to determine she had inflammation consistent with a UTI…Rich wants to change vets because he thinks that our clinic (depending on the vet you get) will push for a bunch of expensive tests, and other vets at the same clinic do not…Honey’s UTI cost about half of what Bella’s did, and there’s something weird about that, don’t you think?

We were laying in bed and Honey started to bark, and I wondered if our bear was back because I’d just filled our bird feeders.  So Rich went to check and called for me to come to the sun room….Not only was the mother bear on the outer edge of our patio eating out of a bird feeder she’d knocked to the ground, but she had both of her cubs with her.  I wish it had been brighter outside so I could have gotten a photo of them, but sadly, it was too dark.  Still it was quite the sight….This morning, I woke up to three bird feeders crushed on the ground, plus a suet feeder dismantled and another feeder missing.  Those bears know a good thing when they see one.  The Parkers always are good for a meal or two..Or in this case, three….

Today, I decided to give the Instant Pot one last try.  I know tons of people love the Instant Pot but Rich and I can’t seem to get the hang of it.  We’ve tried several recipes, and none have worked the way they were supposed to.  My last attempt was rice pudding, and if you like rice that’s really under cooked, you would love this recipe.  I bought it online and still have a few days to return it…and I think we’ve given it a fair try and will be sending it back.  Nothing should be this hard to use.  It requires a lot of different pots and prep work that no one ever talked about when we saw the advertisements for this pot.  My sister loves hers and I have no idea how she gets her recipes to come out right, as she just throws things in and sets the timer.  I followed the directions to the tee, and mine came out either under cooked or overcooked, and I prefer the ease of a Crock Pot…No muss, no fuss..and no waiting for steam to escape..


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