You’re probably thinking I’ve thrown in the towel on writing on my blog, but honestly, I just keep forgetting to do it…Darn..

Today, Rich and I went to the Strip District in Pittsburgh, with two of our friends.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Strip District and think I’m doing something a little on the crazy side, the Strip District is an area in Pittsburgh where you can find all kinds of great stores that sell regional foods.  You’ll find Asian, Mexican, Italian and other grocery stores, plus great restaurants and fun street fair type foods and tons of Pittsburgh team paraphernalia..  We bought some great cheeses and homemade breads, then went crazy buying Italian cookies and cakes..I know we don’t need to increase our waist sizes, but with Rich’s upcoming hip surgery, I felt like we needed a day for fun and to splurge with sweets…Rich loves baklava, and if you’ve never had it, you need to find a store that sells it during the holidays, and give it a try.  It’s filo dough and butter, layered with honey and nuts and it is fabulous.

We even found a bakery that caters to dog lovers, and bought more cookies and dog treats there.  The weather was about 70 degrees, and sunny, so it was the perfect day to spend outdoors.  Our friends love to go to the Strip District, but aren’t familiar with driving in Pittsburgh, so we volunteered to drive.  I’ve spent a lot of time near there for work, so know my way around and didn’t get us lost, which is always a plus.

By the time we got home (around 5PM,) we both needed a nap, as eating that much sugar can make you a little sleepy.  It was definitely worth it, too.

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